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You should be an identified company within the gems & jewelry industry whether wholesalers, retailers or agents

Required Information:

We must first confirm your status of having a business operating in the jewelry industry to process your application as quickly as possible, would you please send the following:

  • A copy of your business card and letter head
  • Evidence of your status as a business or corporation. (Examples: resale license, business name registration, sales tax registration, corporation number, trade mark registration, etc.)

All correspondence should be faxed to: 66-2-806-5028

or mailed to: Customer Service Department 49/246-249 Bangbon Road, Nongkham, Bangkok, Thailand 10160

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Application Approval Process:

  • We verify your application manually by company management as the result you have to wait until you recieve of email confirmation and start logging on.
  • The process takes one week to issue membership.


We will provide only one account per one company.

We reserve the full right to terminate and/or temporary disable your account at any time.

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