Discover Jon Michel




      Jon Michel was registered as a trademark in 2012 as a blooming result of our long experience and dedication in jewelry business for more than 30 years. Jon Michel is now exposing new vision and entity of Scandinavian designed Jewelry. And with our specializing in natural material and stones set in silver and gold. We are now creating the freedom to build unique design and specific concepts to a much higher degree, for the purpose of penetrating directly into the jewelry consumer market. 

      Jon Michel, however, is a story of two men. One was the pioneer of the brand who had brought his jewelry business to success in the global market. The other one was his next generation who is now leading the vision and designs of Jon Michel. And through this brand will be the connection of Scandinavia to the world with all the senses and touches of our work which are professionally designed, produced in a very high quality with affordable prices for everyone who has a passion for Scandinavian lines and contemporary design.


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