Since 2012 Jon Michel is a registered trade mark and it is under no circumstances allowed distorting or falsifying the trade mark or the merchandize with original design within Jon Michel collection. As such it is not allowed to copy exactly or with great similarity any original design from Jon Michel for sale under the same trade name or under another trade name. It is not allowed to sell Jon Michel original design merchandize under another trade name or other design, which are not Jon Michel merchandize, under the trade name of Jon Michel.
The trade mark and all merchandize is registered with state agencies and with any breakage or intrusion into the originality of the trade mark of Jon Michel or Jon Michel design pieces, legal action will be take accordingly.


Each piece of jewelry carries a warranty against manufacturing defect within 12 months after the date of purchase. Manufacturing defect does not cover damages on material such as breakages, scratches, cracks, tarnishing or damaged due to negligence and/or wear and tear.
For 14 days
You may get a refund or exchange your purchase in store or online
For 12 months or 1 year
We guarantee the mounting for all gem stones and pearls and for the originality per description workmanship(excludes lab-created gemstones).We will repair or replace your mounting without change if any defects are found during this period is as a result of a manufacturer defect. Jon Michel will repair or replace the item, at our option, without charge. Guarantee excludes all damage caused by abuse.


A thing of beauty is a joy forever. A little care for your Jon Michel product will ensure that it stays beautiful forever. Keep Jon Michel product away from heat, water, perfumes, deodorants, sea water and chloride water as they may react with the metal plating or natural accent, such as pearls. Wipe gently with a chamosis cloth or leather swatch after use. Preserve your jewelry in the original padded box.

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